Product group
Product type
+ Scissor lifts Edmolift
Double scissor
Lift Tables - Low Profile
Lift Trolleys
Single scissor
Concept Products
AIR Work platform
Pallet leveller
Double & Triple Scissor - vertical
Double Scissor - horizontal
Lift Table Applications
Lift Tables - Lorry Loader
Lift Tables - Low Profile
Standard platform
U- / E-shaped platform
Lift Trolleys
Lift table - Single scissor
Lift tables / Accessories
Pallet Lifter
Tilt Table
Work Positioners
WP Accessories
+ Vacuum handling systems
+ Pallet inverter
+ Winding systems Kabelmat
+ Wire processing
+ Lifting equipment
+ Transport equipment
+Containers, outside products


EdmoLift is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of scissor lift tables.

The company was established 1964 in Sweden by engineer Torbjörn Edmo. EdmoLift AB operates from modern custom designed premises incorporating their manufacturing, sales, servicing and sales departments together with extensive warehousing facilities.
EdmoLift AB have been successfully installing their equipment into companies of all sizes, in all industrial sectors including engineering, manufacturing, packaging, processing, healthcare and research. EdmoLift products are engineered with a commitment to ergonomics.

  • All machinery is CE-Marked and issued with a Certification and Declaration of Conformity.
  • Full installation, servicing and maintenance back-up.
  • Component parts for all models are kept in stock for same day despatch.
  • Many models ex stock for immediate delivery.
  • The lift tables and Work Positioners are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the lift table Standard, EN 1570, and Work Positioner Standard, EN 1757-1
  • Numerous options such as turntables, tilting platforms, load flaps, bellows or mesh guarding, fork lift chassis, handrails and gates are available to meet your every requirement.
  • Equipment can be custom-built to suit the customer’s application.

Single scissor Horizontal Double Scissor Vertical Double & Triple Scissor
Lift Tables - Low Profile Armlift Lift Trolleys
Pallet Lifter Lift Tables - Lorry Loader Tilt Table
Work Positioners Accessories - Lift tables Concept Products

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