Product group
Product type
+ Scissor lifts Edmolift
+ Vacuum handling systems
Felhasználási tippek
Gyógyszer-, vegyipar
Logisztika / csomagolás
Rendszer javaslat
Cranes, chain hoists
Konzolos állványkocsik
Vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster
Vacuum tube lifters Jumbo
Vacuum workshop equipments
Vákuumos billentőasztal VWT
Vákuumos munkapad PVT
Vákuumos munkaállvány
+ Pallet inverter
+ Winding systems Kabelmat
+ Wire processing
+ Lifting equipment
+ Transport equipment
+Containers, outside products


The world's leading partner for vacuum technology

Consistent customer orientation and groundbreaking innovations, excellent quality and comprehensive consulting competence make Schmalz the world's leading partner for vacuum technology. As a company that acts globally and offers innovative products and services, Schmalz provide his customers with efficient solutions tailored precisely to their particular applications' requirements. Schmalz inspire his customers everywhere where production processes are designed more efficiently through the use of vacuum technology.

The vacuum handling systems aimed primarly at the following branches:
  • wood/plastics
  • metal/sheet metal
  • logistics/packing
  • chemicals/pharmaceuticals
  • glass
  • aerospace industry
  • renewable energies (wind power, solar systems)
Schmalz's vacuum handling systems persuade by their functionality, safety and ergonomics, for example during loading and unloading of machines. They are the link between commercial investment and ergonomic working environment. With vacuum handling systems, production processes are streamlined and processing times shortened; at the same time staff members' motivation and productivity are increased. All devices are marked with the CE lable.
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