Typ produktu
+ Edmolift Zdvíhacie stoly
+ Navíjanie káblov
+ Obracače paliet
-vé obaracače
DD Obracače paliet
FS DC Obracače paliet
FS Obracače paliet
Ostatné obracače
° Sklápač
RR1 Obracače paliet
RR2 Obracače paliet
Výmenníky paliet
+ Zdvíhacie zariadenia
+ Prepravné zariadenia
+ Nádoby, vonkajšie vybavenie
+ Dielenský nábytok

Obracače paliet, Výmenníky paliet

Premier Pallet Systems have been building some of the finest Inverters on the market over the past 30 years. Our machines are supplied for a wide variety of distribution and industrial situations all over Hungary offering countless versatile solutions.

At Premier Pallet Systems we provide:
  • A fast friendly and well informed response to your pallet inverter requirements.
  • We hold stock of all of our standard machines ready for secure shipping to Hungary.
  • Custom built pallet inverters and pallet dispensers to suit your specific need.
  • All our pallet inverters and pallet dispensers are built to our exacting robust specifications, offering years of service in even the most demanding environment.
  • Prompt after-sales service and well-informed technical advice available at all times.

180-vé obaracače Výmenníky paliet Ostatné obracače
The Premier Inverters are perfect for many applications and load types e.g. boxes, bags, cans etc and can handle a wide range of sizes and weights. However it can be built to suit specific needs. The Pallet Changer provides totally hands-free pallet exchange and Premier have made constant improvements to this system over the last 10 years to make it the versatile unit it is today. It is ideal in eliminating manual handling. The pallet inverter is specifically designed to handle heavy or wide loads.
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